Under the brand VEJTSBERG, OPOSSUM design develops and produces, in addition to lighting, standing furniture such as wall shelves, side tables or coat stands - including brand new tables with ingenuous details such as removable fruit bowls and integrated vases, plus additional storage space.

Also new are the leaning sideboards, which are characterized by a variety of surfaces.

Despite their modern, timeless design, these cabinets are very decorative. Contrasting door elements are incorporated into the main body of the elegant, matte white, powder-coated metal cupboards. In addition to a RAW version made of raw MDF for purists, there are slate-, stone- or cork-look surfaces to choose from.

With a length of one meter, this elegant standing furniture offers plenty of storage space for smaller items and also sufficient surface area.

Bar stools complete the collection: simple, delicate and coordinated with the coffee tables and leaning cupboards.

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