The Elbphilharmony will become the new famous landmark of Hamburg,
designed in a very modern architecture and should be ready with a very high increase in costs in some years.
But it will become a great jewel.

We have devoted a jewellery box to this architectural jewel.

Design: OPOSSUM design

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elphi a jewellery box

InfoWorm a holder for notices and nameplates or for napkin rings, for place cards, holiday photos, for tacking unpaid bills, in memory of the wedding day on the office desk, for ...

horizontalo Keep your collection of favourite magazines, brochures or long-play records on this extraordinary holder

fruitSTAND Holder for bananas, bunch of grapes, tomat o risps approx. 21 cm high

winestand Holder for wine bottles Material: stainless steel, outside polished, inside brushed