bicycle holder Beetle-1

bicycle holder Beetle-1

for bikes with straight or angled top tube of the bicycle frame and handlebars widths up to 45-75cm

Conventional bicycle holders for the flat are not really suitable for hallways or living rooms.

The bicycle holder w.b.cycle - BULL-1 may not be hidden in cellars or sheds. It impress with their functionality and design, provide storage space for bicycle helmet and bags.

Very functional and decorative design.
The stainless arms can be fold flat against the wall.
With hangers you can use them as wall wardrobe.
With attractive frame protectors for our Bike Holders made from nature tanned cowhide
sewn by hand.

Maximal weight of bicycles: 15kg, dependend on wall construction
with one hook for bag or helmet,
height of arms can be changed
a perfect gift for a man driving a racing bike

stainless steel
beech wood (for oak please inquire)

Design: Richard Sinnig for VEJTSBERG
produced by OPOSSUM design in Germany

Product ID: 0718

Dispatch within 1-4 working days

154,00 EUR

plus Delivery

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mounting set - PLEASE READ
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