öllampe luxlight in glühlampenform

As an invention the light bulb was not only revolutionary but beautiful in the truest sense of the word. Justifiably honoured in 1881 as one of the world's most epoch-making inventions, it has now had to give way to energy-saving lamps. LUXlight - our homage to Edison's light in the darkness. Ideal for the summer terrace as a lantern. Burning time per fill: 75-100 hours

For use with paraffin-free organic lamp oils based on natural ingredients

inclusive longlife wick, funnel
height circa 18 cm,
The glass tube is made from borosilicate glass - a very clear, stabil and heat-resistant

We recommend to use natural based lamp oil ( AGOWA-lamp oil. please attend the safety instructions ).

if the total weight of all ordered articles do not top the weight of 1,6 kg.
Please attend the restrictions of shipment insurance and of checking of delivery status

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bio lamp oil
natural based lamp oil, 0,7 litre, without parafine

9,95 EUR

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spare wick for konfuziLUX, LuxLIGHT, TAE1879
long-life wick for oil lamp konfuziLUX, LuxLIGHT, TAE 1879

2,15 EUR

incl. 19% USt. zzgl. Delivery

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