bird feeders

For lovers of modern architecture: our minimalist birdhouses with their straight lines feature clear shapes and insertable branches as a natural landing aid. Extensively tested and approved by birds, Classical Modernism here meets unbiased birdlife.

Timeless in design, eternally beautiful:
Powder-coated aluminium parts and stainless steel guarantee freedom from rust forever

birdfeeders and birdbaths

bird feeders VH-9 One of our most reduced bird feeders. Available in brushed stainless or with an additional white powdercoating it can be used with the stainless rod or fixed on a wall.

VT-1 birdbath Birdies' Bath at bauhaus style, white powder coated aluminium + two removable trays made of white porcelain

bird feeders VH-1 modern, timeless architecture characterizes this feeding place, with functionality in detail, and balanced proportions. from a single piece of laser cut aluminum sheet, it does not require any wel...

VHT-1 bird feeders and bath modern, timeless architecture characterizes this combined bird bath and feeding place, with functionality in detail, and balanced proportions.

bird feeder VH-2 "This is the house of nickolaus ..." an old rhyme in Germany in aluminum, white powder coated with two-stainless steel rod, thus absolutely rust free, dimensions approx 1,60 m x 16 x 13 cm

bird feeders VH-3 VH-3 3 single parts are just into each other and then placed on the stainless steel rod, powder-coated aluminum, white,: material two-part stainless steel rod, thus absolutely rust free

vht-4 Birdbath + bird feeder. It looks like a tree, it looks like a house. stainless steel + 2 porcelain plates

bird feeders VH-6 A slanting roof and generous openings characterize this modern architecture interpretive bird feeder. Stainless steel is combined with a natural slate roof. A self-seeked branch serves as a natural landing aid, makes birds feel comfortable. e

bird feeder VH-99 This bird house impresses with its reduced basic shape. A small pin (not included) serves as a landing aid and a runway. Made of brushed stainless steel with a 1.5m long bar

birdHouse as a special gift not only for bird friends can be send by post our bird house birdhouse in a flat packing.

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