dishes and fruit stands

vegeTABLE vegeTABLE Dish for fruits An exceptional dish for fruits, A spiral, in one piece of high-grade steel. A plane formed to a three-dimensional object ...

swing fruitSWING #1 dish for fruits in hand-brushed stainless, length: 30 cm fruitSWING #2 plastic version for DIY assemblage , flat packaging length: 30 cm Bred&Butter wood version

fruitSTAND Holder for bananas, bunch of grapes, tomat o risps approx. 21 cm high

trampOlino TRAMPOLINO LONG A fruit dish in a very modern design. A silk made of special plastik is clamped into a frame in stainless steel, ensures a well storage for apples, pears, wine and other fruits. T...

a-pad a-pad a excellent fruit dish laser cut from stainless steel, bended to a dish for fruits. .An eyecatcher for the table 31 x 29 cm