"light" bulbs

On the 21st of October 1879 in a laboratory in Menlo Park near New York:
After 45 hours an electric light filament bulb dies out.
Thomas Alva Edison is conscious of the fact to have developed the first useable electric light bulb.

In 1881 at the World Exhibition of Paris, rightly judged to be an «...epochal invention...», it has changed the life and the rhythm of the people.
It is so self-evident, that we will be conscious of it, when we, in the true sense of the word, are sitting in the dark, whether, because there is a power failure or the battery does not work, or if it is only defective.

The oil lamps are homage to one of the most brilliant inventors of the last century with more than 1.000 patents, who has created also the first public electric power station of the world besides the Phonograph: Thomas Alva Edison.

oil lamps


ediSUN - a homage to Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the electric light. A new interpretation of an oil lamp.



LuxLIGHT - our oil lamp for using with or without decoration inside. Perfect for indoor and outdoor also in summer time.



Better strike a small light than sitting in the dark. This sentence of konfuziLUX was the inspiration for the product name konfuziLUX - LUX as power of light.


TAE 1879

TAE 1879 - the large version of our ediSUN with a burning time of more than 100 hours per filling.



lampADA - our interpretation of the dance of two light bulbs. Romantic pure.



the classical electric light bulb - one invention has become a natural thing, highly imaginative shown in a new light.



birnBOOM - a very decorative article for large rooms.


lamp oil

natural based lamp oil (no paraffin) as statement of the manufacturer no dangerous for children


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