... for flowers

These vases don't only bring out the best in flowers, even simple twigs are beautifully showcased.

vase sextet(te) large

The large version of our Sextet(te)
89,00 EUR (plus Delivery)


vase sextet(te) large black or white

Vase Sextet(te) large in anthracite colour
92,50 EUR (plus Delivery)

greenbulb - vase in glühlampenform

vase greenBULB small

GREENBULB - a light bulb as vase
16,50 EUR (plus Delivery)

vase greenBULB large

The large version of our greenBULB
32,50 EUR (plus Delivery)

Vase Set LEAF

vase set to orchestrate flowers in a new manner
42,50 EUR (plus Delivery)

Vase Set LEAF Black & white

vase set of 2 flat stainless vases, black / white laquered
43,50 EUR (plus Delivery)

vase little Joe

Vase approx. 10 cm high with glass, translucent plastic in a flat packaging
4,90 EUR (plus Delivery)

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